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At H3 Construction, Safety Is Paramount!

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in, or affected by, our building and construction operations.

Our team is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees and sub-contractors. We aim to have everyone home safe at the end of every workday. We also encourage our staff to be proactive in the way they deal with health and safety and we encourage everyone to take ownership of their own well being and the well being of their peers.

It is our shared duty of care to look out for each other.

We Are Site Safe Certified

Since it was formed in 1999, Site Safe has been influential in creating a positive change in the health & safety culture of New Zealand’s construction industry.

Our overarching goal is for the industry to be proud to be safe and to reduce injury and harm.

To do this, we provide education and resources on best practice systems and behaviours known to improve on-site health & safety. We help develop future Health & Safety leaders, give advice to businesses on solutions that make a real difference and ensure that everyone goes home safe at the end of each day.

H3 Construction are registered sitesafe members

We Provide The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee

Your new build or renovation needs the protection of a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and make sure you ask your builder for a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee. Your home build or renovation is most likely the biggest investment of your lifetime. Make sure you protect it.

There have also been a lot of changes in the building warranty market. Many of pour competitors are no longer offering the same level of coverage as the Master Build Services Guarantee. Our Guarantee ensures your customers are protected for 10 years, regardless of whether you are still in business. This is a real concern for customers, and we are one of the only organisations that provides this product with this level of cover.

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee has protected more than 140,000 homes over the past 25 years. Whether your new build or renovation is big or small, our guarantee can be tailored to suit your needs.

Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you the peace of mind of a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee. Find out more here.

H3 Construction are registered master builders

We Are Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP)

The New Zealand Government licence building practitioners so that the New Zealand public can have confidence that LBPs working on their homes and buildings are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right. Licensing promotes, recognises and supports professional skills and behaviour in the building industry.

Holding a licence allows you to carry out or supervise Restricted Building Work (RBW), which includes important and critical residential building work (including design work). If you are not licensed, you are not able to carry out RBW and it is an offence (with a fine of up to $20,000) for an unlicensed building practitioner to carry out RBW unless they or someone supervising their work is appropriately licensed.

Aside from the right to carry out RBW, licensing also provides you with an ability to show the public and potential clients that you meet a minimum standard of competency in your licensed area. This allows those clients to have confidence in your knowledge and skill, and raises you above an unlicensed building practitioner. LBPs are listed on the Public Register, which is searchable from our website. This assists the public and clients in finding and contacting you for work they want to undertake.

As an LBP, you are provided with important updates relating to regulatory and technical changes in areas related to your work. You are also required to undertake skills maintenance to continue to promote and uplift your knowledge and skill. Overtime, these will help you stay current and up to speed with industry changes and make sure that you’re able to stay on the right side of your obligations.

LBPs have responsibilities, including accountability to the Building Practitioners Board and only working within your area of competence.

H3 Construction are licensed building practitioners

Ready to start planning your project?

Ready to start planning your project?

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